Robokind Basic


Example Projects
To build our example projects, you will first have to Checkout
You will find the following projects as well as many more in it.
Project Title/Location Project Description
Introduction Example Project
org.friendularity.demo.rkbasic Simple Basic API demo
Example Projects Utilizing the Speech
org.friendularity.bundle.speechtiming/ Basic API project that takes a block of text as input and outputs the time in milliseconds it would take for the robot to speak it. (Provides times for each word)
Example Projects Utilizing the Sensors
org.friendularity.test.sensors.r50 Sensors demo with Basic API
Example Projects Utilizing the Cameras Camera demo with Basic API
org.friendularity.test.facedetect.r50 Face detection demo with Basic API (plain Java version)
org.friendularity.bundle.test.facedetect.r50 Face detection demo with Basic API (OSGi version)

Binaries and Sources are available on the Downloads page.